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  • How to book a photo shoot?
    If you know which type of package and the date of photo shoot, you can send me a request by any of the convenient ways presented on the site. After specifying the date and agreeing on the price, prepayment is made in any way convenient to you, corresponding to the selected package (Bank transfer or Pay Pal), you can also do this through the website. After prepayment is received, I will book date for the shoot. The remaining amount is given in cash on the day.
  • How to change a date of photo shoot after prepayment?
    If your plans change after you send the prepayment, and you want to reschedule the shoot for another day, please let me know at least 5 days before the photo shoot. If you need to reschedule 3 days or less before the shoot, I will charge extra £20 for rescheduling. If you cancel the booking in less than 5 days before the shoot, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Will I get guidance with the shoot?
    As well as the photographic work, the package includes organisation of the photo shoot, make up recommendation, finding the locations, and instruction for posing in front of the camera. So if you don’t have an experience don’t worry! I will help you. If you would like something more extraordinary, creative and unusual, I can create some special idea for a transformation. I will help you to find a good make up and hair artist, clothes stylist and buy some props if you need to.
  • When and How will I get my images?
    I aim to process and finalise all the images up to 5 working days. Sometimes this may take a day or two longer depending on my workload. If you want to get your photos in 3 days or less, you can pay extra £50 and your photos will become priority. After editing the photos, I will send you a Dropbox link, where you can download your lovely photos.
  • Can I choose the photos for editing?
    Yes You can either trust my taste and professionalism to choose the best photos for editing, however if you want to choose the photos yourself I can accommodate for this. If you want to choose your own photos, I will send you resized images for you to pick. As this is more labour intensive, you will get the minimum amount of pictures as specified on your package. If you let me choose, I usually include a few extra shots.
  • Will I get original photos as well?
    Nо. A photographer’s works is the same as that of an artist who paints on a canvas. Upon completion of the work, nobody asks the artist to show his sketches and drafts. Raw photos - this is the material for the photographer, from which he chooses the best shits with the aesthetic and technical characteristics, brings everything to a beautiful result. Receiving processed material, in 99% of cases is accompanied by a WOW effect, so why deprive yourself of it intentionally?
  • I like the photos, can I get a few more?"
    Yes, on average they will cost £ 5-10 per 1 edited photo.
  • Conditions of my work
    1) LOCATION. At the moment I'm shooting mostly around London in zones 1-3. For shooting In London zones 4 to 6 I have to charge an extra £20. A shoot up to 2.5hours includes changing locations within walking distance up to 30 minutes. If you want to change to a location further away either by taking the tube or taxi, these changes will have to be discussed in advance and the travel expenses covered accordingly. 2) TIME and DAYS OF THE WEEK. The main time of shooting are weekdays and weekends from 11AM till 5PM, in the summer time until 10 pm. An early arrival is possible before 11AM for an additional fee of £ 20 (this is due to train ticket structure). Saturday-Monday + £50 ( because of my another job in Brighton) 3) DISCOUNTS. On certain days and holidays, you can book discounted shoots. For news on discounts and special offers follow me on INSTAGRAM: 4) PUBLICATIONS. I have the right to publish the images on my site and in social networks (usually with links to your profile). I appreciate your desire for privacy and if you do not want for your photos to be published, be sure to tell me this BEFORE our meeting, and not on the day of the photoshoot or AFTER I give you edited photos. Refusal of publications incurs surcharge of £ 50, in some cases more and depends of individual factors. I will be happy if you publish my photos and tag me, make-up artist, hair stylist and other people who worked on your image.
  • Do you work for TFP?
    Yes, sometimes I collaborate with models on mutually beneficial terms. If you are an interesting type, or you are would like to create something artistic together, please write to me, maybe you are the person what I am looking for my portfolio! I work exclusively with girls/boys who have experience shooting. Work on such conditions is possible only with model releases. But if you are not a model, but a videographer, make-up artist, stylist or fashion designer and you have a desire to create something cool please write to me, I'm always open for a creative project!
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